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Please make sure you have read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) and understand the pricing for the plan into which you are enrolling. You can find the EFL on the right side of the enrollment screens. If you have any questions about this plan contact us by using the chat feature in the bottom right or call us at 844-INFUSE2 (463-8732)

Note that if this plan includes a block energy charge or a bill credit based on reaching a usage threshold or has a tiered energy rate structure, it may or may not provide the best pricing for you depending on your actual usage levels. If you understand and are comfortable with the plan structure, continue with your enrollment. If you would like to see TRADITIONAL, FREE WEEKEND and FREE NIGHTS plans, click here and enter your zip code at the top or contact Infuse Energy at 844-INFUSE2 (463-8732) and we can discuss your options with you.